Library Rules

1. For registration: Details of students, duly filled it & countersigned by the class teacher must be submitted to the librarian. (Forms are available in the library)

2. For clearance: All “Library Dues” should be clear before getting “Annual Exam Admit Card”.
For Class-Xll they can get library books by money deposit from 1st January. They can keep books of competitive exams & it must be returned after 5 days of exam.

3. Issue Section :
a. About syllabus or competitive books:
i. Books are issued only for 15 days.
ii. Students can keep books during vacation or holidays but it must be returned within 2 days of school re-opening.
iii. Science & Commerce students can get two books at a time. (Different subjects)

b. About general books & magazine:
i. For classes Vll to Xll students, general books can be issued for 15 days from the reference section on reference card & magazines can be issued for 7 days on magazine card.
ii. Question papers of previous exams are available in the reference section. Students can get issued the question papers for a single day on the ‘Reference Card‘ issued to them.

c. About lost books:
In case the book is lost, immediately the matter should be reported to the Librarian & their instructions should be followed to cover the loss.

d. About Dead Stock:
Books of dead – stock are issued to students as book bank. For this students can select maximum 5 books & get them issued. These books are issued for the whole session. At the time of clearance, these books must be returned. in case these books are lost, 1/4tn of the cost of the book will be recovered.

e. Third late submission (Book of issue section) will be followed by no more library services.

4. Reference Section: Students & staff members are requested to get the books noted in the register even if they need them for a short period. More than one book can be issued at a time (different subjects). Before leaving the reading room books must be returned with the signature of the Librarian.

5. About the reading room :
i) Students must maintain silence & discipline in the Library.
ii) After entering the reading hall, the name of the visitor with entry & exit time record will be noted.
iii) Before leaving the room, the issued material should be returned. Magazines should be placed back on the rack. Chairs should be arranged without making noise.
iv) Any student found misusing reading room for escaping subject period will have to face severe punishment.
v) In case of the loss of the original card, a duplicate Library card will be issued after a payment of Rs.20/-.
vi) Library remains open from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.