School / College Rules

1. The students are supposed to reach the campus 5 minutes before the school/college starts. Attendance will be taken after the Assembly.

2. The students should converse in English in the school premises.

3. Students should maintain discipline and observe good manners.

4. Criticism of the teacher or school in the presence of a child should be avoided.

5. Every child should take proper care of the school property. Damage done even by accident should be reported at once to the Class Teacher/Principal & damage cost will be realized by the student.

6. Expensive things are not allowed to be brought in the school.

7. Every student should take care of the private property. Money should not be lent or borrowed. The school is not responsible for the goods lost.

8. Students suffering from any contagious disease will not be allowed to continue classes until he/she recovers from it and submits the medical certificate from a doctor.

9. Bicycles must be properly locked and kept in the cycle stand. School will not be responsible for the vehicles/bicycle kept outside the school premises.

10. Students should actively participate in various activities.

11. Every student should carry his/her school diary to school every day.

12. The warning bell before a class or assembly is a signal for all to go to the assembly or to their respective class – rooms. This should be done in silence. Changing of classrooms during periods should be done in silence and in an orderly manner.

13. Students should be neatly dressed. The uniform should be worn on all working days. No relaxation is acceptable in this regard. GENERAL TURNOUT OF STUDENT WILL BE CHECKED DURING ASSEMBLY OR AT ANY TIME DURING THEIR STAY IN THE CAMPUS BY THE STAFF OR BY THE STUDENT PREFECTS and defaulters will be punished.

14. Shouting, whistling and running in corridors are strictly prohibited.

15. The students should bring tiffin, napkin, and handkerchief daily.

16. Students will not be permitted to leave the school/college during the working hours.

17. The School reserves right, to terminate the schooling of students for unsatisfactory progress in studies or whose conduct is a bad percept for others.

18. Students should attend festivals and functions celebrated in the school/college.

19. Parents should co-operate with the school / college in its attempt to help their children progress, paying attention to their punctuality, regularity and discipline. They should take interest in their child’s studies & other activities.

20. Visiting hours for meeting the Principal 10.30 am to 12.30 pm. Parents are requested to meet the Principal as per their requirements only during the stipulated time.

21. Taking leave during working days is strongly discouraged. Parents are responsible to make up for the loss of the studies in case of leave taken. The school will expect these students to be at par with the class in every way and that must be ensured by the parents only.

22. lt has been observed with dismay that students turn up late to the school which is undesirable. Henceforth latecomers will be sent back home. No correspondence in

this regard will be entertained.
23. Partying in the classroom is strictly prohibited.

24. No sharp objects like a blade, knife, scissors, the needles should not be sent to ensure safety.

25. Valuable articles like gold/diamond jewellery (chain & danglers), facial makeup like eye makeup & bindi, henna decorating palms & feet is strictly prohibited in

the school. Electronic gadgets (mobiles, i-pod, and camera) are not permitted inside the premises as per rules. lf found, the articles will be confiscated and will be returned only after 6 months. If such instances are repeated, then the child may he asked to leave the school/college.

26. Every student will go home only by school transport/ authorized transport or with the authorized escort of their own. Regarding the authorization of escort, parents are requested to submit a written authorization letter. The school should be informed immediately in writing about the change of authorized escort.

27. School/college does not allow short leave of students. ln case of emergency parents should submit application written request along with their photo ID.