Shantiniketan Public School, Hospet makes judicious use of the current educational technology with a variety of multimedia tools as effective learning aids. The flexibility of the infrastructure at SNPS (Shantiniketan Public School) is particularly valuable within the classroom or laboratory, where seating plans and furniture distribution change constantly, to reflect the multiple needs of the curriculum.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words how much is a video worth? Think back to when you were in school, walking into the classroom and seeing the film projector set up meant class was going to be much more interesting. Showing how a cell divides vs. describing it with words is a night and day difference. Rich media that are readily available on the Internet can help the student grasp more complex concepts quicker and easier than using the written word alone. Recent studies have shown where technology is implemented correctly test scores rise, there are improved student attendance and increased student comprehension.

The library is a spring of open minds. At Shantiniketan Public School it’s dynamic – equipped with books, magazines and CDs covering a wide range of subjects across 20,000 book titles.

Teachers have a separate research space with computer and internet facilities where they can carry out academic subject research or other related work. The library’s mandate is to foster independent, life-long learning through collaboration, providing information and learning resources, instructions and technology. Our vision is to integrate staff, resources and technology seamlessly into a single energy for educational empowerment.

Learning by doing is the most effective way of learning. The school provides the most modern labs which are continually upgraded. Theory is incomplete without practical. One needs to completely get involved in the various practical experiments whether it be Chemistry, Biology or Physics, to get a thorough knowledge and understanding of what had been taught in the theory class.

Labs are neatly arranged with a view to a fresh approach. When a student walks in, the Lab assistant and the teacher both assist him / her in understanding and undertaking experiments. Shantiniketan Public School, Hospet aims to ensure that every student strengthens his / her knowledge of theory with lively practicals which will be remembered for ever.

The Computer Lab is well equipped with modern computing facilities for students and teachers. Its information technology-based learning solutions, multimedia experience, e-resources and high-speed internet connectivity over 100 Mbps are useful instruments for enlarging students overall knowledge and perspectives.

The school has a fully equipped computer lab. Students are encouraged to browse and do their research and compile their work using the right resource. The lab is equipped with the latest software and internet connectivity.

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”. Keeping this in mind the school promotes and encourages a number of sports activities. In addition to the two periods a week compulsory allotted to physical education, Sports and games form an integral part of school academic life. It is our prime aim to achieve complete physical literacy in the school and develop all kinds of sports & games for the benefit of students. Sports and games have emerged as the most essential ways of comprehensive development for students. At Shantiniketan Public School, Hospet, we give equal importance to sports to create sportsmanship and inculcate healthy lifestyle in students.

Shantiniketan Public School has an efficient and reliable transport system with numerous buses and bus stops planned as close to the child’s house as possible. Special care is taken while appointing the drivers, to ensure that only the experienced and qualified drivers are appointed after undergoing a driving test. The buses are equipped with safety equipment and a first-aid kit in case of an emergency.