Who We Are

Shanti Niketan Public School portrays a perfect destination for quality education. The school is situated in between Bellary Road and Hampi Road in an environment which is beneficial to learning. Started under the guidance of Mr. A. Balarangaiah in the year 2001, today, Shanti Niketan School is one of the most reputed schools in Hospet. At our school premise, we impart our teachings based on an educational system that promotes innovation, creativity, global perspectives, and critical thinking among our wards. Our school has marked a reputed position among the educational institutes and schools. We believe in transforming our wards in to well mannered and organized persons by nurturing and fostering their talents. Famous as SNPS Hospet, we are dedicated towards imparting the zeal to quest knowledge, respect for elders and the development of strong character within our every student. At our school, all these basic moral values, combined with physical activity, artistic endeavors, and service to others organize educational opportunities unmatched to none.

Our Philosophy

Freshness in approach, Openness of enquiry, breadth of study, creativity in argument and invention, independence of mind, and ambition for real quality: these are the keynotes in our approach to education, and we hope our students will embrace them with energy. The harmonious relationship between student and teacher is vital to our success. We believe in encouraging intellectual and cultural diversity and aim at developing our pupils’ sense of responsibility towards the wider community.

It is also our aim to offer a dynamic environment where each student is challenged and encouraged to become a critical and compassionate thinker, dedicated learner for life, a contributing member of the local and global community, showing respect and understanding for other cultures and acknowledging that others can be different and also right. The school pledges not to make its children apprehensive of their limitations. Instead, we encourage them to discover their own potential and develop it in our ‘Total Learning Environment’.

The school provides excellent national and international education through the promotion of high academic standards, international understanding, parental involvement, and strives to be a center of professional and curriculum development. The school’s endeavor will be to create global citizens who are collaborative, communicative, enquiring, respectful and creative individuals with a passion for lifelong learning. Greenwood High school students will be encouraged to integrate effectively into the local, national and international communities through the diverse opportunities afforded to them.

Why us?

What makes our school the best in Hospet City?

• Our approach towards the education system and teaching techniques.

• An integrated and holistic curriculum which we follow is the key strength of SNP school.

• Our school is affiliated to ICSE and the school code is ka203.

• Our school 10th class has got 100% results continuously from the beginning.

• For the well being of our wards, we have incorporated a reverse-osmosis purifier in the school, ensuring pure and safe drinking water for the children.

• The stress-free environment and interactive classroom, spacious classrooms enhances and makes learning enjoyable at SNP school.

• Regular training to students on soft skills, memory power, goal settings, social responsibilities. Medical Foundation, it foundation etc…