Covid Safety Rules


1. All our staff i.e. teaching, admin, support staff, transport and security staff are vaccinated with two doses.
2. The entire school campus is sanitized regularly with all the safety measures and strict guidelines.
3. Sanitization of every class room, lab, office and every single location is sanitized on daily and regular basis before the commencement of the classes and after completion of the classes.
4. Even all the buses and vehicles of the transport are regularly sanitized and its maintained with absolute cleanliness.
5. Right from the entry of the students into the school bus, to the school portal, to the assembly, to the class, labs and the play ground etc the students maintain social distance.
eaned, mopped and sanitized regularly and maintained with best hygiene.

6. Even before and after the classes, while going to rest rooms, while entertainment Social distancing norms will be maintained.
7. All Staff and students use mask, sanitizer in the school time.
8. The teaching faculty use hand gloves while conducting the classes.
9. Thermal checking is done to all the staff, students and visitors before entering premises.
10. Crowd and gathering is avoided. Classroom is spacious and spacing desks is done accordingly having all the students face in the same direction.
11. The entire campus is cleaned, mopped and sanitized regularly and maintained with best hygiene.